Understanding the Concept of Aerial Advertising

There are various types of advertisements that we see daily. Each has a different type of advertising strategy. Advertising is quite important for popularizing a product. Advertising is a commercial business which is growing very fast. Ad professionals are now in great demand nowadays. The brand value of your product is increased through advertising.Out of the different mediums of advertising, airplane advertising has gained a lot of popularity. There are many different types of ads targeting different sets of people with different importance.Strategies in aerial ad:Some of the common strategies taken up by aerial advertising agencies are:- New product launch: Many companies adopt this strategy particularly when they have an established brand value. They start their campaign whenever they want to launch a new product. The duration is normally over the span of a few months. Banners work well in this approach.- Event marketing: Some companies air their ads whenever there is a big event going on. Their idea is to capture the attention of a large crowd in a short period of time. This calls for minimum investment and expenditure. Well- known companies adopt this strategy.- Sponsorship: This adds brand value to the company and also helps in marketing the product in a better way.Safe advertising- Is it a risky business?Lets face the fact that safe advertising is not always effective advertising. It is the most risky thing that one can think of. Most of the advertising and marketing people are habituated to taking risks. Many people think it is better to have a sure thing.So, what is the solution?Aerial advertising agencies need to create originality – – they need to step away from reality and search for new and untried areas. These areas are definitely rewarding.How to design airplane banners for better readability:Banners are highly effective and therefore they need a proper dress- up. The main success of aerial ads the creation of contemporary banners.Some of the key points are:- Usage of vibrant and contrasting colors. Blue, red and black logos on a white background have been proven to be very catchy.- Choose effective color combinations. Colors should be noticeable. They should be easily distinguishable against the blue sky.- Keep in mind the limited space in this form of advertising. The letters should be large and well- spaced.- Do not clutter your banner. Non- essentials should be omitted.- The background should not take away the limelight from the message.Places of commercial banner ads:The concept of sky advertising is primarily meant for some key public places. It is meant for people who have gathered in the open. Some of the places can be:- Cruise ships- Concerts- Country fairs- Beaches- Parks- StadiumsMany people throng open places to get a break from the monotony of their daily life. These are areas where other methods of advertising cannot reach. With the advent of satellite radio and Ipods, only a fraction of these people can be reached. On the other hand, aerial advertising agencies produce the ad in a dynamic and high- impact manner.